The processing of leather in Gold Panel Group is a strenuous process right from the selection of the raw hides to the final packing and shipment stages. At GPG strict vigilance & quality checks are assured by trained professionals at each and every stage of our production. The tanning, shaving, trimming and the buffing process in a highly skilled manners.

Tanning Department receives the raw skin and hides from raw stores. Tanning involves several processes such as Soaking, Fleshing, DE liming, Bating, Pickling and Chrome Tanning and Piling. The tanning process for skins is completed in 5 days and 7 days for hides.

Qualified tanners supervise the process for standardized processing and quality control till piling. A separate department of Wet Blue Stores is responsible for visual quality inspection and grading of each and every piece according to the prescribed selection criteria. The skins and hides are stored and issued for production according to different grades.

Wet Blue Stores issue the leather against Stitching Units orders for Dye Crusting. Dye Crusting involves several processes such as Sammying, Splitting, Shaving, Trimming, Re chroming, Neutralizing, Fat liquoring, Dyeing, Piling, Setting Out, Vacuum Drying and Drying.

Dyed Crust leather is 100% inspected according to the prescribed standards for ensuring that the leather is at par with the customer requirement. Any leather not up to the standard is separated. The separated leather is either graded as useable in the same article with further processing or downgraded for some lower grade article.

Every leather is processed differently depending upon the article. The Chief Technician determines the processes and their sequence. Different finishing processes are Toggle, Staking, Dry Milling, Embossing, Coating, Polishing, Buffing, and Spraying.

During each process Qualified Tanners ensure the quality control of the leather being processed. A separate Final Selection department ensures that the leather is according to the sample provided by the customer. Any rejected leather is separated and divided into re-work and lower grade leather.

Our range of leather materials offered Cow, Buffalo, Goat, Sheep Nappa in different finishes & forms, few leather qualities as following
Drum Died Aniline, Semi-Aniline, Nubuck, Skipper, Natural Milled, Nubuk Rub off, Pull up, Suede, glazed, Crispy, Crystal, Retro, crispy & all other running leather qualities developed from Cow, Sheep, Goat & Buffalo

Production Process