R&D creates a difference in leather

The signing of the significant R&D investment Gold Panel Group are always kept on forefront satisfaction of our customers. Our goal in R & D and service development activities, constantly improving our knowledge and our creativity, to design effective service for customer satisfaction and competitiveness. Being a leading company in the market and maintain it, improve product to withstand the opponent to make a name as an innovator in the industry and maintain it, pending changes consumers for many reasons, such as to satisfy the R & D and information technology, at each stage and is always needed. In response to customer demand for all kind of special products with experienced staff and it is able to color in R & D laboratories without sacrificing quality and can offer the client’s liking.

Every day, we go a step forward

Gold Panel Group is able to make a difference since its inception, the importance is given to research and development and is due to its investments.

Gold Panel Group is one of the closest followers of changing trends in the world, supporting the fashion industry with a strong team of employees in research and development and is a firm following.

Learning and development of the continuity of one of the basic conditions of success that counts Gold Panel Group to follow the innovations in the sector, it produces to protect and improve the quality standard in products and environmental health and research to make the most appropriate production security and development in the technical and production continues in two separate team.

To monitor developments and innovations in the R & D team and technical sectors to visit fashion & motorbike fairs held in various countries. Who managed to combine experience with new techniques and technologies in the skin Gold Panel Group is embarking on the signature of the new workforce from time to time limits.