Raw material procured from various countries, through different stages within the factory within eco-friendly production techniques, proper sanitation format is converted to the final product. Classified leathers are processing with lambskin and sheepskin various in our factory according to global standards. Made as Pickling, Chroming, Oiling, Dyed Leathers becomes finally ready for shipment through the finishing stages.

Our firm adopts quality and customer satisfaction. In this direction the works with total quality management, and with Production of world standards and performance, we are focussing on Customer satisfaction to necessary support and controlling at each step until from production to deliver the goods at each step.

Leathers for Jacket, Blazer, Coat & PAnt

Leathers for Jacket, Blazer and Coat. Natural Vegetal, Nappa, Stretch, Plonge, French Plonge, suede, double face, Press Printing, Laser Printed Leathers.