6 S Policy

It is the policy of Gold Panel Group to provide healthy, clean and safe work environment to our precious work force. Through healthy work Environment Company is ambitious to improve productivity and quality of product in order to gain the customer’s satisfaction through continuous improvement by emphasizing on 6 S practices.

Training & Development Policy

It is the policy of Gold Panel Group that the company’s T&D department shall provide all kinds of training to the workforce as per schedule to comply with the workplace standard. Through these sessions, the employee can develop their career by uplifting their capabilities. The T&D department shall adopt internal and external resources for uplifting the worker’s skills.

Career Development Policy

It is the policy of the Gold Panel Group to care about the right of workers for promotion and career development. The company promotes the junior to vacant up-graded post on the basis of education, technical skills, and experience. Those workers who have been studying formal education or technical education, when they complete their education company rotates and promotes them as per their education, skills, and expertise.