01- Why do I buy from Gold Panel Group?
Gold Panel Group uses own quality leather & imported fabrics & accessories in very sophisticated designs , elegent colours by using highly skillful manpower & fine stitching in order to meet international quality standards. GPG has also achieved ISO-9002 certificate to meet the international standards and understand customer requirement at the best. We are recognized mamber since our establishment of EPB Pakistan, Chamber of Commerrce Sialkot - Pakistan, Gloves Assocciation of Pakistan & PLGMEA.

02- How do I get sample, swatch Book & what is the  sample cost?
Please contact us to send you our sample guide. Contact .
03- How do I place an order?
Just contact our sales dept. to place and order by visiting our online products list. If you require any thing, which is not listed in our online poducts list, you can email / fax to our sales dept for immediate response. To know the payment terms and conditions please send email / Fax with quantity of the order and ask for terms and conditions of payment and delivery.
04- How soon I will erecive my order?
The delivery time differs product to product. Normally it is 6-8 Weeks  after receipt of L/C or advance payment. This time can be reduced by  booking the production capacity & raw materials in advance and any  urgent delievery requirements .
05- How do I know, my order is confirmed and processing?

When you place an order with complete specifications like selection,  Materials, Size ratio, prices you will immediately receive a confirmation  proforma from our sales dept. via email & fax , for your conveneince we  will keep you informed about the progress & shipment of the order. You
will receive shipment report & complete follow up till you confirm back goods have been received with your satisfaction in your warehouse.

06- How do I amend my order, if any change or cancel?
After confirmation of your order within 2 days you may have  some changes via email /fax , otherwise no changes will be possible once the order goes in production process. Cancellation of order is not possible without any concrete reason. GPG has full rights to take any action by legal authorities or whatsover for which you are responsible for the entire happening.
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